Angebotspreis zum Herbstbeginn: 36.000 Euro! Die gesamte "Drag Racing Operation" steht aufgrund meines Klassenupgrades zum Verkauf. The complete drag racing operation, which includes the truck with awning, spare parts and tools and the dragster with a nearly new engine, is now for sale. Because of the situation of a class upgrade, I offer a very fair price! Hier einige Daten: Spitzer Super Comp Dragster, Shafiroff 555 cuin engine, 904 horsepower (only 8 runs), Hughes Power Glide, spare Power Glide. MAN Truck with awning, kitchen, shower, toilet, enough water and drain capacities to live in the truck with the whole team over the raceweekend, new air compressor, "Würth" toolbox with "Würth"-tools and "Würth"-spare parts box, the truck has new batteries and a 230V generator. Sie finden im Rahmen dieses Angebots Fotos der LKW-Ausstattung unter der Rubrik "Bilder". Please find pictures of the truck interior in "Bilder".